Oliver James Lomax – The Overcoat Martyr (7 New Poems)

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Nick Bold writes a great album for Linda Jennings

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Friend of us here at Cityscape Records, Nick Bold, has written this lovely record of songs sung by Linda Jennings. I’ve been listening to it a lot and set up a Soundcloud for him. Really recommend it if you love melody and Burt Bacharach / Jimmy Webb style stuff. Track 3, When is a standout for me, but it’s well worth a listen, folks :0)

Alex Hulme – The Start – Video!

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Meet me at the Empire by Songs for Walter

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Here’s a great vid for our friends Songs for Walter’s (AKA Laurie Hulme – Alex Hulme’s brother) single Meet me at the Empire. Released on Red Deer Recordings, it’s a great tune – enjoy!

Live Alex Hulme videos from BBC Radio Lancashire 17/8/11

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A new video by our friend Dogman – Small Acts of Kindness

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Teaspoon – Daddy from Padiham Video

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A video by our friend Teaspoon for his gorgeous song, Daddy from Padiham – lovely . . .

Alex Hulme – There Was A Boy Video!

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Video for the title track on Alex Hulme’s new EP, There Was a Boy. Listen to the rest of the EP at http://www.cityscaperecords.co.uk or buy in the shop http://cityscaperecords.bandcamp.com . Made by Coffey House Productions http://www.facebook.com/coffeyhouseliverpool Let us know what you think and drop us a line . . .

Great New Vid by our friends, Drama: ISO

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A New Video by our friends, Beat The Radar

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Here’s a new video by our friends Beat The Radar for their single ‘Animals’ out on Akoustik Anarky records – enjoy:

Roger Williams’ 7 Reasons Post: 7 Reasons I don’t want a Kindle

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Friend and Merchandise lyricist, Roger Williams, has been featured as this weeks guest post on 7 Reasons, the excellent humour blog run by friends, Marc Fearns and Jonathan Lee. Here he gives us his 7 reasons to reject the Kindle and embrace the book.  Click the banner to visit the site (or the title below to see the original article) and keep up to date with their posts – a new humerous 7 reasons posted to you every day if you subscribe and I think you should!

7 Reasons I don’t want a Kindle

It’s Saturday, and the 7 Reasons team are taking a well-deserved day off, but fear not:  In charge of the 7 Reasons sofa today is Roger Williams; a Manchester-based writer, lyricist and owner of a full and luxuriant ginger beard.  Here are seven reasons that he doesn’t want a Kindle.

1.  Fahrenheit 451. The primary definition of Kindle in my whopping great Collins English Dictionary (a tome so weighty and downright bookish that while it would be impossible to swallow, it would be entirely feasible to use it to, say, smash a Kindle to smithereens) is ‘to set alight or start to burn.’ Mmm. You don’t need the Enigma machine to decode the sub-conscious desires of the Satanic device’s inventors here. They clearly want us to burn books. That’s right 7 Reasons readers. Biblioclasm! Libricide! Buying a Kindle is tantamount to supporting the book incinerating activities of the Spanish conquistadors, the worst McCarthyite zealots, the Nazis and the Dove World Outreach Centre church in Florida.

2.  If it ain’t broke don’t e-fix it. Books are the perfect marriage of function and form. They have a quality of soul which an electronic device could never match. The volumes you gather as you travel through life are a story in themselves. The spine creases of the well-thumbed volume; the stain left by the coffee you spilt when you first saw her; the enthusiastic underlinings of well-loved sections and the page corner-foldings of inspiration; the sheer sentimental, colourful, characterful accumulation of books. You can’t furnish a room with a Kindle. Unless it’s a room for a hamster. That hates books.

3.  Books smell good (musty second hand bookshops in Holmfirth don’t count.) I’ve never smelt a Kindle but I imagine it would smell of evil.

4.  Books have done the job perfectly well for hundreds of years. The more complicated you make something the more likely it is that something will go wrong. At no point in the annals of history (beautifully preserved because they’ve been written down, on paper) has anyone ever complained “This book has crashed” or “I wish this book would go faster.” No one has ever advised you to turn a malfunctioning novel off and on again.

You can still read a book that’s hundreds of years old. You can’t watch videos from the early 1990s. The written word is timeless, but technology moves so fast that by the time you’re two thirds of the way through A Suitable Boy your Kindle will be in museum for obsolete things. Being bullied by a Sinclair C5.

5.  There’s a physicality to books, a reassuring heft, a presence, whereas Kindles by comparison are…spineless. Books are transferable. How many times do you read something you love then lend it to a friend you know is going to share your enthusiasm? There’s no room for that in Kindleland. You either have to loan out your Kindle, and all that it contains, or they have to buy the f-ing e-book themselves.

6.  Bathing. I admit this isn’t really an issue for me because I’m male and therefore genetically unable to multitask, but word is you can’t read a Kindle in the bath. I plagiarised this point from a letter written to The Guardian by a woman.  I wasn’t doing anything else at the time. She was probably cooking a three-course meal and reading the paper when she wrote it.

7.  And alright, I admit it, I woke up one morning and realised I was a Luddite.

Now…I’ve heard a rumour they’ve just installed one of those new weaving machines at a mill along the turnpike road in Bolton. Anyone want to come and help me smash it up before the idea catches on?

Cityscape Presents . . . at The First Chop, November

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Cityscape Presents . . . at the No Name, November Listings

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Alex Hulme November Newsletter

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Alex Hulme – Dare, Plus Free Downloads of Sean McGinty’s BBC Interview and BBC Live Sessions of The Wood and Keep Chasing

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Alex Hulme – Dare plus BBC Radio Session by brad-cityscape

Recorded in September and broadcast in October on Sean McGinty’s BBC Introducing show for Radio Lancashire: Presenter Profile

Press Release for Cityscape Presents . . . Darren Poyzer and The Nick Jackson Band

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Click here for the pdf: Cityscapepresents15thNovemberPoyzerPressRelease

Cityscape Presents returns once again to the Octagon Theatre Bar following successful nights in September and October with Jon Gomm and Pancho Ballard and the Banditos. November seeks to further Cityscape’s reputation for providing some of the best live music in the North West with the magnificent Darren Poyzer.

One of the genuine maverick leaders of the acoustic underground, Poyzer has a truly unique energy and gift for live performance, armed as he is with a seemingly endless delivery of uplifting stories and images of passion, conflict, and the human condition.

Few have consistently delighted and enthralled a wide range of audiences that otherwise have come to admire the likes of Eddi Reader, Steve Coogan, The Saw Doctors, Roy Harper, Nick Harper, Lloyd Cole, The Lancashire Hotpots, Hawkwind, John Cooper Clarke and many more, and yet with a vision and fearless charm Poyzer takes to virtually any stage, performing at times in excess of 2 hours, and always drawing superlatives from an ever-increasing extended family.

With two inspired Glastonburys, two celebrated appearances at The Acoustic Festival Of Britain, and many more smaller festivals and wholesome gatherings under his belt, Poyzer brings a new 2010 collection to the table entitled ‘Bloody Love Songs’. Furthermore, his name now joins the likes of Bob Geldof and former members of ELO for a Children In Crisis compilation, set for release in time for this performance at the Octagon.

Supporting Darren Poyzer will be Bolton’s very own outstanding acoustic maverick Nick Jackson, whose country styled Northern acoustic anthems and ballads were a great source of inspiration to Darren when he first set out on his own songwriting journey.
Ten years down the line Nick Jackson celebrated launching his band with his third album in 2010. Beautiful Place was launched in the summer as the follow up to 2005 release Secrets and, before that, Miracles, in 2000.

Gigs in their home town Bolton have been punctuated by appearances at Edinburgh festival and the Italian capital of Rome during what has been a rollercoaster decade for Jackson, his brother Ben on drums, John Wilkinson on bass and guitarists Nick Bold and Phil Abram. Jackson admits that the launch of the band was totally unintentional when they started gigging 10 years ago when their unique blend of acoustic-rock began to evolve.

The singer/songwriter’s 1990s phenomenon Mirrors Over Kiev had ceased to be and Jackson was relaxing doing solo slots at open mic nights (including Darren Poyzer’s) as well as busking and playing informally – “for the shear hell of it,” says Jackson It turned out to be the perfect rehabilitation for Jackson, who enjoyed the challenge of paddling his own canoe, and ultimately masterminding his own recording projects.

Cityscape label owner, Brad B Wood said, “I’m really proud of the gigs we’ve been able to put on here at the Octagon and it just goes to show the quality of music the local area has produced. In Darren and Nick we have two very experienced songwriters who really know their craft. This will be another great night of live music at the Octagon.”

Thanks to an Arts Council fiunded scheme, there are a limited number of free tickets available to under 26s – contact the Octagon box office for details on 01204 520661

Listen to the bands and get free downloads here:

http://www.cityscaperecords.co.uk/ http://www.poyzer.com/ http://www.thenickjacksonband.co.uk/

“Where Darren Poyzer appears, unusual things happen and people enjoy themselves … natural acoustic sound with trademark warmth, firmness and tenderness from his guitar and seemingly effortless projection of the distinctive voice that shares those same qualities … Darren Poyzer had once again produced an evening
that mattered” – Leeds Music Scene

” … a very, very brilliant writer” – Richard Digance

Cityscape Presents . . . Darren Poyzer and The Nick Jackson Band

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Alex Hulme Plays The First Cityscape Presents at The First Chop 14th Oct

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This is the first of a monthly series of Cityscape Presents . . . events at the lovely First Chop in Ramsbottom. The First Chop is a really cosy bistro/ bar which does great food and, my fave, has a really good selection of good beers! Next month on the 11th November my band Merchandise will be there with Beth Wariner but to kick off proceedings in the manner we wish to continue we have Alex Hulme. Hope to see you at one of the gigs . . .

Alex Hulme – Dare (New Single!)

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Alex Hulme – Dare by brad-cityscape

Mazeppa – Three Tracks

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Mazeppa – Three tracks by brad-cityscape
Three demos Mazeppa recorded after their only album, Kick it for the Low Times but just before they imploded and much of their best stuff was lost, unrecorded . . . includes the gorgeous “Frame by Frame” – if only they’d completed that second album . . .

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